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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 61 – Is this Customer Support?

Massively under-paid and always online. That’s our mantra here at SIB HQ. So depending on how much medication has been consumed, there is always someone at the end of the line. Metaphorically speaking. We scour the lands to find you the best in unsigned and independent bands and artist. That’s

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Captain SIB – Taking a Poo

Welcome to Captain SIB’s 100% home-grown music. Now this track is a terrible sounding arrangement of musical mish-mash. Though we feel the subject matter does hold some comedy value. In the summer of 2000, after a mighty feast, this song was born. Here are the lyrics for you all to

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Captain SIB’s 1999 musical medley

Welcome to Captain SIB’s 100% home-grown music. By jings this one has been hidden deep within the lead based toilet. The true beginnings of Captain SIB, or as we were back then, Captain SIB and his Intergalactic Communist Party. Never released, this collection of songs are a fine display of

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Captain SIB – Christians and Muslims

Welcome to Captain SIB’s 100% home-grown music. Another track from the highly successful Andrew Taylor Appeal, recorded in a cloudy attic in a run down part of town. This track actually features the young vocal tones of our man of musical awareness, Stuart Ireland. Along with the not quite right

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Captain SIB – 20 Pence Candy Bar -

Welcome to Captain SIB’s 100% home-grown music. Journey with us now as we open the vaults from Captain SIB’s first musical mish-mash.. Celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year, The Andy Taylor Appeal was our first full length album. This track was thrown together when Iain was having one of his

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