How to get money for music – The Captain SIB Way – Part 1

Money for musicCaptain SIB have proven that it may not be so hard for aspiring musicians to get a slice of success pie. As entertainment bloggers and podcasters who have a background in music, we understand how tricky it can be to get recognition and sales. Here at SIB HQ we have some advice for musicians who are wondering how to get money for music.

You have spent time and lots of cash in the studio. You have produced what may be the biggest record since Black Lace’s ‘Agadoo’. Now you need to sell it. That studio wasn’t cheap. Neither was the fruit basket for your Elton John themed launch party. So now you need to get paid for your hard work and artistic vision.

Money for MusicA solid social network is the key to success here. In todays world of entertainment the industry is so fragmented and splintered that it is easy for anyone with enough drive to make a good living through producing and performing music. We are all so connected. If you have music you want to sell through amazon, iTunes, Zune, Bandcamp or whatever it can be done with a few choice words and the click of a ‘share’ button. Instantly your music is visible and if you are properly connected to your fanbase, you are making money. Follow these vital steps and start building a solid platform for promoting and selling your music.

Money for Music – The Beginning

  • Firstly, get a band email address then get yourself a website or set up a Bandcamp page. Its free.
  • Do some graphics or a logo. Even better, find someone who has a talent for all of this then get them on your side. Take some pictures so people know what you look like. If you are a band, co-ordinate your look by wearing similar clothing. Captain SIB are no style gurus so just try and look your best.
  • Take a look at the top ten social network sites like Facebook and Twitter then get yourself a profile on every one. Be everywhere. Go beyond the top ten and make sure to link those profiles together when you can. This means that when you have any news, it will spread throughout your social circles with minimum effort.
  • Get on Myspace,, Soundcloud, Ourstage,, Reverbnation and all the other free music hosting sites you can find to upload your music. Make sure it is your BEST one or two songs that you are giving away free. This is essential marketing advice. Your sales will come from the rest of your music. Lure your fans in with the tastiest bait.
  • Now get an account on a website which will list your music on iTunes, Amazon etc. The quickest and cheapest service we have found is Tunecore. For a small fee they will distribute your music to lots of online stores including Deezer, Rhapsody, Google Play, AmazonMP3 and iTunes to name but a few. It is, by far, the best value for money.
    Click here to visit Tunecore
  • Consider this when you are putting the hours into your own PR, networking and publicity. It is very, very rarely that a band or artist is plucked from obscurity by some millionaire record producer and projected to world fame. It’s almost a myth. It won’t happen. Stay grounded and just work hard.
  • Get paid for your music

    Now getting fans is a whole different kettle of bananas into which we will delve in our next article. Here is just one simple technique to get you started. Identify which bands or artists you sound like most on Twitter. Be honest with yourself. Then target their fans. Follow them. They most often follow back and should already love your style of music.
    There are so many other ways to build your fanbase but, as I said, we will get into it on our next article. You have more than enough to be getting on with anyway. Your on-line empire awaits.

    Still to come on How to get money for music – The Captain SIB way

    • Building a Fanbase
    • Merchandising
    • Getting the best gigs


    So in the meantime, submit your band to our team and maybe get some plays on our popular podcasts. It will be the first steps in getting more fans. Our listeners are always on the look out for their favourite new artists and we also do our bit to spread the word.

    Author: Captain SIB

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