Advertise Your Business with Captain SIB

Advertise your business with Captain SIB and let us help you in finding new clients for your business. We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in musical podcasts over the last 4 years. With us reaching 5000 unique visits a month we thought it was time to take

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Deep Space Supergroop send signals to the space kangaroos

Deep Space Supergroop have appeared on our shows a couple of times now and we felt it was indeed about time that we gave you our thoughts on their most recent releases. The band feature Tom Dufficy, James Blackburn, Joel van Gastel, and singer-songwriter Rob Crompton. Trying to understand music

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Black Market Karma summer tour with Tess Parks 2014

The superb Black Market Karma are packing their bags and hitting the road this summer on an unmissable tour. With their jingle jangle merriness in tow these folks may be bringing their market of karma to your doorstep and we at Captain SIB advise you to check them out. Kicking

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Reanimation releases a fantastic new album.

REANIMATION is the vision of Michael Shanahan. This solo project took root in 2006 and we here at Captain SIB have had the pleasure of having Michael’s music on our Psychedelic Freakout in the past. With the release of his new album “UNDER THE LAST TREE ON EARTH” we have

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Introducing Heavy Lights and their album “Mad Minds”

Let me introduce you to a band that came my way via some sort of mystic invitation. By jings I am very appreciative of how this band came to land in the world of SIB, perhaps on some mystical, medicated night I discovered what would go on to be known

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