Captain SIB’s ReverbNation’s Featured Artists 8th February

Congratulations to our first run of ReverbNation Featured Artists, this week we chose well as the tin-foil suspenders were indeed left twisted and confused. Check the full tracks on Episode 74 of The Captain SIB Show and also make sure to check the bands which can be found in the

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Blast Off with Mad the Martian

Tuning into the Psychedelic Freakout here on I noticed a piece of music that screamed Space Pop Rock excellence. The song was called Blast Off and the band was Mad the Martian. The band consists of two brothers Bob and Jack Marsh and producer Anthony Resta. The track has

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Chalk Dinosaur – The SIB Review

A way back in 2003 there was a spiritless attempt by Columbia Pictures to recreate the “odd couple” type comedy by sticking Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson together in a movie. Although the movie was very forgettable, there was one great quote made by Nicholson’s character that I have always recalled. “There are two kinds of angry people, there is explosive and implosive, Explosive is the kind of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking their coupons. Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and finally shoots every one in the store”. This is a suitable metaphor to describe bands nowadays. The ”explosive” bands come out kicking and screaming their way into the charts and before they know it they’ve squandered the tricks of the trade on their first album, their second album displays nothing sustainable and then they run dry. Then you get the ”implosive” kind like Pittsburghs’ John O’ Hallaron and his musical outlet suitably christened, with tongue firmly in cheek, Chalk Dinosaur. Chalk Dinosaur is a growing musical machine which in time will evolve and undoubtedly be magnified into the music listeners consciousness with an element of subtle surprise. Just shy of a having a 5 year existence, Chalk Dinosaur has already developed a fascinating back catalogue of variety. The debut self titled album released in November 2009 explores different levels of Americana. This is emphasized best in the track John Wayne, which, unapologetically gives off a Western aroma, it’s cleverly brilliant and is definitely a stand out track. John, with the obvious help of multi tracking, has created the illusion of a live band recording on this album, the production is tidy and the songs are masterfully played. In late 2010 came Chalk Dinosaurs follow up ”Still Here”. What is interesting about this body of work is that you see growth in both the music and production. The songs feel more structured and the sounds are cleaner. Electronics are beginning to sneek their way up to the forefront and this is noticed straight away on this first track Sleeping Late. 2011 saw Chalk Dinosaur go through a stage that was not so dissimilar to that of Neil Young’s David Geffen years. The first part of the year saw the release of 5 tracks of

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Captain SIB’s ReverbNation Band of the Week #2 – The Coffin Daggers

This week we chose a lovely tin-foil wrapped dosage of musical medication courtesy of The Coffin Daggers. These guys base their sound around the jig and jive of instrumental swooshy’ness with a smacking of surf punk. Hailing from New York, The Coffin Daggers deliver an all out attack on the

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Tarmac Adam- The History Effect – Review Exclusive & Comp

This writing comes to us courtesy of our special SIB maker of sentences, Stuart Ireland. The world today is a very hasty and impulsive shit-hole, we want instant everything and being a “pop star” holds the top spot in the chart of “the things people want overnight without giving any

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