About Us

Captain SIB are heralds of new music and 21st century schizoid men based in Scotland, UK.

We actively collaborate with bands and entertainers to provide the best experience for our audience.
Our website acts as a promotional platform for entertainers at any stage of their success and is also a great resource for discovering emerging talent and new sounds.
Our podcasts feature many genres of music including rock, pop, alternative and psychedelic. We also produce videos, music, interviews and other media found floating around this earth’s internet.

  • All artists who wish to be considered for either of our shows you can contact us via the contact form. Please ensure when you are submitting your band that you place AIRPLAY CONSIDERATION as the subject and send us over a high quality MP3 and some relevant links. All music for submission should be of radio quality.
    We deal mainly in rock, pop, alternative and psychedelic music so please check out the other shows before submitting, as your music may not fit in with what we do. At the same time we are always on the look out for new sounds.
    We do get a lot of submissions so please bear with us and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • We have a roster of bands that feature their music for sale or free download on our website. If you would like to get involved then it is important that you are already selling your music on Amazon.com or iTunes. Preferably both. Its also important to have some form of artwork or album cover and at least 3 high-quality MP3s of the tracks you are promoting. Contact us and lets talk business.

  • ADVERTISE ON CaptainSIB.com
  • If you think your company would benefit from advertising with us then please contact

    Advertising is available for website only, podcast only or both.
    Statistics are available at point of discussion.