Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Captain SIB Show – Episode 34 – Charming Madness…

Welcome one and all to another Granny bashing episode of the best free musical podcast available with added medication. This week we venture into various parts of the world to bring to you a interesting selection of bands. There is another nice prescription from our friend Rob over at Deuce

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The Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 29 – Deep within the wilderness…

Welcome one and all to another highly medicated chapter in our quest to discover the new world of Psychedelic music. This week we unravel the tin-foil umbrella to find a joyous selection of music hidden deep within the wilderness. Listen out for 3 bands from Aloud Music LTD. This Spanish

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The Captain SIB Show – Episode 33 – Join the Karnival…

Welcome one and all to another Granny smashing episode of musical medication. This weeks prescription holds some magical cures for your weekend blues. Listen out for the fantastic Geron Hoy, bringing his style of musical enjoyment to your ear-holes. Unleash the metal as the superb Sister are back with their

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The Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 28 – Fear of Aliens…

Welcome one and all to another dose of musical medication, brought to you by the highly medicated Captain SIB. This week we bring to you a fine offering, sure to tickle your tin-foil hat. The show opens with one of our favourite tracks from Steve Swindells and the folks from

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