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Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 21 – Lock up your Hamsters…

Welcome one and all to another tin-foil filled chapter of our psychedelic musical picnic. This week there is indeed a wacky selection of medication on offer. We bring to you the grand-daddies of psychedelia, Gong, with a track from their album 2032. Returning with another mind melting number is Greek

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A Captain SIB Helpful Ad – Number 667

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Captain SIB’s Helpful Ads – Become a Games Tester. Get fat. Play games. Get dosh. Watch out for another Captain SIB Helpful Ad next time. As far as we know, this isn’t spam.

The Captain SIB Show – Episode 25 – Crashing through your village…

Welcome one and all to another bizarre and exciting episode of our ground breaking podcast. Its been a historic week when the people of on-line earth made themselves heard and saved the internet from certain doom. SOPA fell down and broke his crown and PIPA came tumbling after. Good times

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Time for some T.E.A at SIB HQ

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TUNNELMENTAL EXPERIMENTAL ASSEMBLY ( or T.E.A for short) have been gracing our podcasts since the beginning. Yes friends, we thought it was about time we shared some facts and news on the band who BBC Radio described as “a supercharged riot of electronica”. T.E.A., who orbit between Los Angeles and

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Widgetized index page

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