Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 19 – Hippy New Year…

Welcome one and all to the finest musical podcast series out there. Really out there. As we all prepare for the annual changing of the year, there is no perfect way to warm up for the big celebrations than freaking out with some psychedelic music. Grab your Grannies and gather round the tin-foil hat for the last time in 2011. This week we’ve got a special 2 track outing from the amazing Sleepin Pillow. This band have a great album called “Superman’s Blues”, check it out.



We have sneaked in a cheeky track from the fabulous Ozric Tentacles, taken from their most recent album, Paper Monkeys.
Hungarian makers of musical joy, Colorstar, return to the show with a track Iain has trouble pronouncing.
There is lots to medicate the senses so sit back and enjoy.

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Freaking with us this week are…

  • Sapphire Wolf – Signs
  • Hollow Mirrors – Amber Eyes
  • Sleepin Pillow – Superman’s Blues
  • Sleepin Pillow – Masterpiece
  • Ozric Tentacles – Lemon Kush
  • Colorstar – Forog a Vilag
  • Andy Pickford – Blown Away
  • Stella Polaris – We’re All Egyptians Now
  • The Cosmic Dead – The Spaceman
  • Show Notes :

  • Pick yourself up the self titled album from Hollow Mirrors now from their bandcamp.
  • Just one of the bands to really keep an eye on are Sleepin Pillow. Visit their little shop for some merch.
  • Pick up all things Ozric’s in their shop. Paper Monkeys is the new album, buy it!!
  • Glasgow freakers The Cosmic Dead can also be found through Paradigms Records, Who Can You Trust? Records and Dub Ditch Picnic.
  • We would like to take this chance to again thank you all for making the Psychedelic Freakout such a success. With your help and sharing powers we hope that we can reach even more ears in 2012.

    Stay safe and respect one another. Keep on SIB’ing.



    Space Ritual – Live – Free Download

    Welcome once more to our seasonal SIB appreciation for the magical tones of the mighty Space Ritual.

    Here is your chance to have in your collection a rare and almost audio perfect Live performance of these rockers of time and space in this officially licensed Captain SIB/Space Ritual audio rip from the Space Ritual gig, filmed in Glasgow on September 09th 2010.

    To download it simply right click on download and save link/target as.


    If you want visual then here is our official filming of the show….rock on and space out!!

    Peace amd love to all.


    Captain SIB Show – Episode 23 – Merry Xmas and Happy SIB’ings

    Jingle bells Batman smells indeed. Its Christmas and Captain SIB present to you a magical collection of music.
    This week, the glorious Diamond make their debut with a tasty little mince pie.
    As an extra special Yuletide treat we decided to play some of the best bands that have featured throughout the year.
    So stuff your giblets into festive oblivion and merrily ding dong from upon high. Enjoy the medication that is Captain SIB.


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    This week you will hear…

  • IL Malpertugio – Deranged
  • Firebug – Paradise
  • We Could Build an Empire – Easy
  • Solstice Coil – Singalong Deathtrap
  • Leaders Led – Can’t Turn Back
  • Diamond – Fly Solo
  • Annie Stevenson – TV Took My Soul
  • People On Vacation – She Was the Only One
  • The Roboteers – On the Edge
  • Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan – Twisted Up
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly – Charlie Said
  • Greg X – As the World Spins Round
  • Show Notes.

  • Pick up Il Malpertugio’s new album “Sunset Screaming” now.
  • Pick up the fantastic new single from Firebug called “Used to Be” now from their Itunes.
  • You can get the brand new, self titled album by We Could Build an Empire now from their Itunes.
  • Solstice Coil can be found through Melodic Revolution Records.
  • Pick up some fancy merch from Diamond in their little shop.
  • “The Carry On” is the EP by People on Vacation, get it now on their Itunes.
  • The exciting self titled debut album from The Roboteers is a great buy.
  • We would like to finish by thanking all of the artists and labels that have given us such a great selection of bands this year.
    Also we would like to thank you, the listener, for showing your support and for making our rise to podcast domination possible. Remember all the shows are archived here on for your listening pleasure. Keep on SIB’ing and happy holidays to all.



    Psychedelic Freakout – Chapter 18 – The Oddity of SIB…

    Welcome one and all to another chapter in our psychedelic journey. This week we have searched the lands far and wide and collected a superb blend of musical magic.
    There are 10 bands each worthy of your time. To write about one but not the other would indeed be highly disrespectful, so we shall not beat about the bush. You can decide for yourself.

    Sit back, boil the kettle. Indulge in some fine musical medication from around the world.




    Download 25 FREE songs at!

    Freaking with us this week are…

  • Kingston Wall – Two of a Kind
  • Obstacles – Sleeping Pills
  • Secret Colours – Faust
  • Jonathan Segel – Singularity
  • Franck Carducci – The Last Oddity
  • Fainted Paces – Transport
  • Ghost Box Orchestra – Bounce & Float
  • Seven That Spells – In
  • Tuber – Attack From Mars
  • The Higher Craft – Legends of Time

  • Visit Aural Innovations for a nice review of Kingston Wall.
  • The wonderful Obstacles come to us thanks to Play/Rec entertainment.
  • You can find Secret Colours on Crash Avenue Media Management
  • All Attractions” by Jonathan Segel is official released on January 3rd 2012. This fantastic CD comes with a bonus copy of his tasty Apricot Jam CD, featuring plenty of musical joys.
  • Pick up Frank Carducci’s new album “Oddity” and other magical works.
  • Seven That Spells are found with Beta-lactam Ring Records.
  • “Quest into the Stepping Stone Age” is the new album from The Higher Craft. Pick it up now.