The Captain SIB Show – Episode 19 – Tom Cruise loves them big apples…

Greetings one and all to another episode of the best musical podcast available on the web. This week we have some outstanding acts for your listening pleasure. To name a few, who will knock off your granny with their awesomeness, are The Canon Logic.
Their catchy sound is definitely one to listen out for. Cab 20 have gathered a buzz around themselves over the past year and we can hear why with their track “Cactus”.



Also, it is the return of Fozzy this week to finish of the show. We have a very special interview with the guys coming up as they embark on their Euro tour. Check their new website and join them as the smash their way through the speakers of many.

We give out a big thanks to Ariel Publicity for their support.

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This week you will hear…

  • Floater Home in the Sky
  • Carry the Tradition Rise
  • The Whiskey Saints Green Light
  • The Commuters As I Make My Way
  • Canon Logic Sirens
  • Ellis Ashbrook Slide
  • Cab 20 Cactus
  • Ten Year Vamp Got 2 Me
  • The NowhereNauts Try to Light My Fuse
  • Fozzy Let the Madness Begin
  • NOTES:

    The amazing Floater come to us thanks to Typhon Records.
    Check out The Whiskey Saint’s official video for their
    track “Green Light”.
    The fantastic “Commuters” are available through Communal
    Stay up to date with the freaking awesome Ellis Ashbrook on their facebook page.
    Cab 20 are definitely a band to keep your ears on. Get their music on iTunes.
    Check out the NowhereNauts on Club Rock Records.
    Fozzy come to us thanks to Riot Entertainment.
    Check out the all new

    Psychedelic Freak Out – Chapter 14 – Occupy Captain SIB…

    Welcome one and all to another chapter in our psychedelic freakout.
    Brace your face for a flavoursome selection. The awesome Hi-Fiction Science kick off the show. Listen out for the superb sound of Stone In. This band from Israel really are worth checking out.
    Say Unity to our friends at TunnelMental Experimental Assembly (or TEA if thats your thing) and also the supreme musical workings of Andy Pickford.



    Be sure to vote SIB and share this musical brain massage with all your friends. Links to all of the bands and more can be found below.

    Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Hi-Fiction Science Metal Terrapin
  • The Luck of Eden Hall This Weathers Better for Velvet Clothes
  • Stone In Take a Look
  • Banjo Goiter Boskops
  • The Shakes Looking for Words
  • Akahum Amber Temple
  • Andy Pickford Night of the Long Knives
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly Border Station
  • Matt Stevens A 30 END
  • Secret Skwirl Jezebel
  • NOTES:

  • The Luck of Eden Hall come to us thanks to Myopic Records.
  • Get Akahum’s newest album on Worldvenue Records
  • Matt Stevens is available through Spencer Park Music and Burning Shed
  • Find Secret Skwirl and other new music on Ariel Publicity
  • Check out It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine for interviews and psychedelic history.
  • The Captain SIB Show – Episode 18 – You can’t kill a dreamer…

    Welcome one and all to the best musical podcast anywhere on the interweb.
    This week we have a granny smashing line up of new bands, so good is this line-up that it may indeed cause a slight quivering of the eye and a slight twitching of the leg.

    Perform a jig to the super swell Katie Kerkhover. Eat some toast and hop on one foot to the tones of Sixty Miles Down.
    Also making his solo debut this week we have the awesome Mike Martin from the band Agent Cooper. Mike is also on Steve Vai’s record label by jings.


    Sit back and indulge in your favourite medication as we prove to you why Captain SIB are unbeatable when it comes to medicated podcasting.

    Remember to share the show with all your social families. Take part in the SIB domination and discover something new every show.

    To download the show just right click “Download” and save target/link as.

    This week you will hear…

  • Gary Shutt Wait Till Sunday
  • AppleSpaceBar I Want it All
  • The Red Show Jack
  • The Head Lady Lovely
  • Helldorado The Black Winds
  • The Suburbians Six in the Morning
  • Greg X Victory
  • Katie Kerkhover and the Die Nasties Time Bomb
  • Sixty Miles Down A New Skin
  • Early Rise Face Me
  • Mike Martin 2 of 5
  • NOTES:

  • Gary Shutt’s music can be found on Palisade Records
  • The Red Show comes to us thanks to Pop Pills Records
  • Download FREE music by The Head
  • Norways Helldorado are managed by Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions
  • The amazingly talented Mike Martin can be found on Steve Vai’s record label Digital Nations
  • Also find Mike in the wonderful Agent Cooper
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