Chapter 8 – Sonic Sandwiches…

Greetings fellow beings of the world. It is indeed time for another chapter in our Psychedelic Freakout.
This week we discover many things about ourselves as the conversations hit an all time peak of intelligence.
Lots of music from some familiar bands this week, though in keeping with our family tradition, all new tracks.
To download just right click download and save link/target as…


Freaking with us this week will be…

  • Space Ritual Sonic Savages
  • Discordian Society Ideas
  • Paradise 9 Distant Dreams (feat Judge Trev)
  • Flutatious Consumption
  • OHEAD Sky Dancer
  • Unlimbo Woodhenge
  • The Is Over the Moon
  • Census of Hallucinations Orion
  • The Bevis Frond I feel Bad About You
  • Ozric Tentacles Kick Muck

  • NOTE:

    “Distant Dreams” is from Paradise 9’s NEW EP, “State of the Nation” only available through, the song is available for purchase individually and is a Captain SIB must have. Also all proceeds are going to charity in memory of the late, great Judge Trev Thoms.
    Space Ritual – Esoteric Recordings

    Bevis Frond have a new album due out this year, keep up to date with
    everything Frond with The Bevis Frond Appreciation Society

    Unlimbo are now the magnificent Akahum

    Ozric Tentacles have new 2011 tour dates announced.
    Visit the Ozric’s Shop for music.

    Be Sure to check out Tim Jones’s Alchemical Radio show for some magical

    Remember for all your musical desires from far distant minds.

    The Captain SIB Show Episode 12 – TEA with Murdoch pie…

    Welcome friends to another hour of fine independent music, brought to you in Captain SIB’s unique medicated fashion.
    With the world entering another period of disarray, we reflect on the weeks conversation points. Though these reflections may only last a second, our case study has reported that, indeed, all is a bit woobly.


    Confused? then good. Rocking with us this week are some fine acts. Listen out for the greatly talented singer/songwriter Joy Valencia. Also 2 songs this week from a fantastic band called The Gallery.

    In this episode you will hear…

  • Aperture The Masochist
  • Girl Meets Boy Lie to Me
  • The Gallery Ballroom of Broken Hearts
  • The Gallery Who’s in the Right
  • Frame and Canvas Butterscotch
  • Joy Valencia Don’t Wake the Lion
  • Maria Kanellis Alice in Wonderland
  • Firebug Season for Change
  • Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly Killing Time
  • The Girobabies Nightmare
  • Orange Goblin Hounds Ditch

  • *DISCLAIMER:All music is provided by the artists or labels. Captain SIB hold all rights to the creative efforts of this podcast. License and approval comes from the labels and artists, Captain SIB do occasionally enjoy some burnt toast with peanut butter, tea is also important. Any donations that you wish to make can be sent to us in the form of a shoe.
    UNDER THE PROTECTION ACT OF 1957 one does not attempt to be reduced into a fine liquid and consumed, but from time to time Captain SIB is best consumed under the influence of medication.

    Captain SIB Teach You How…

    Once again Captain SIB push the boundaries of knowledge and learning with a fantastic tutorial series. Captain SIB Teach You How.
    This week we shall be delving into the world of guitar. Learn how to play a classic song of today. The Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire. This massive hit and festival favorite is guaranteed to make you a success among all of your friends.
    If you follow our intricate tutorial closely there will be no limit to how impressive a guitar player you might actually become.

    If you really are serious but feel we have led you down the garden path, then check out this amazing online guitar course. Its a shame you didn’t like our garden. It was really looking forward to meeting you.