The Captain SIB Show – Episode 10 – Scream for me Denzel Washington…

Welcome all to Episode 10 of the groundbreaking Captain SIB Show. This week there are a whole load of new bands to look out for. The conversation is indeed riveting with our usual guests. Tam is here with his culinary documentary series and also Police Cunt-Stubble Brown will pop on in with his wise words of advice.


Sit on back and indulge in your medication, let Captain SIB entertain you and prove why we are indeed the Number 1 stop for podcasting madness.

On this show you will hear….

  • The Key Hey
  • AppleSpacebar Blinded
  • Radio Drive-by Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Larry Miller As Blue as it Gets
  • Jeffrey James Goin Back Down
  • The Narwhals The Morning
  • Stan Ridgway Turn a Blind Eye
  • Ultra Mega Technoband Zoo in Sight
  • Comasoft 10 Volt
  • Language Room I Want to Scream
  • STAND Generation Me
  • The Red Show Post Apocalyptic Honeybee
  • *All music is provided by the artists or labels. Captain SIB hold all rights to the creative efforts of this podcast. License and approval comes from the labels and artist, Captain SIB do occasionally enjoy some burnt toast with peanut butter. Tea is also important. Any donations that you wish to make can be sent to us in the form of a shoe.
    UNDER THE PROTECTION ACT OF 1957 one does not attempt to be reduced into a fine liquid and consumed, but from time to time Captain SIB is best consumed under the influence of medication.

    Chapter 5 – Marmalade and bass strings…

    Welcome one and all to another instalment of Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout. This week there are some crackers. A feast for the mind. Musical madness, with conversation including, farming, kissing Stephen Hawking, feeling down and gaseous release.

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    “The Lie” from Quarkspace is one for after the tea has cooled and the medication has settled in. A nice mellow number with the correct forming of melody. Indulge yourself in Chapter 5 and if you have missed the others then make sure to check them out. Just check the Psychedelic Freak Out section.

    Another big thanks to all of you, from around the world, for taking the time and
    sparking one up with us all here in the land of SIB.
    Drop us a line and please check out our audience survey.

    This week you will be freaked by…

  • Ship of Fools Elevator
  • Krom Lek Face Pulla
  • Quarkspace The Lie
  • Reefus Moons (vs Suicidal Flowers) Marmalade Sun (eclipse mix)
  • Deviant Amps Spirit of the Age
  • Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond Bass Strings
  • Stella Polaris Retroglide
  • The Higher Craft Gateway
  • Flutatious Tha I Ban
  • Kingston Wall Two of a Kind
  • NOTE:

    The Higher Craft “Gateway” is from their new ablum
    “Quest into the stepping stone age” released 21st June 2011
    Pre-order now from

    Find music from The Bevis Frond on bandcamp

    Check out Kozmic Ken’s Psychedelic Dream Festival in July.

    The Captain SIB Show – Episode 9 – Get off my bridge

    Welcome all to Episode 9 of the fastest growing podcast series on the net. Join old Doobs this week as he and the voices battle their way through random conversation including Arnold Schwarzenegger being pregnant, with the usual jolly gang of guests, including a random directing role by Patrick Stewart.


    The music this time comes from a fine collection of acts. A new single from Glasgow band Cities and Skylines. Great new bands, Kobi, Attack Attack and Sleep Slid In. Plus a double track from comedian Stephen Lynch.


    Sit on back and enjoy the show as Captain SIB once again show why we are number 1 for podcasting madness.

    This week you will hear…

  • Gary Schutt Nobody Special
  • The Flex Feet on the Ground
  • Cities and Skylines We all were young men once
  • Attack Attack My Shoes
  • Stephen Lynch Talk to me
  • Stephen Lynch 3 Balloons
  • Miles Winter Roberts God bless that summer dress
  • Kobi Contradiction
  • Sleep Slid In Demon Skin
  • The Bloodpoets Wings
  • Here Come the Mummies Single Entendre
  • Here Come the Mummies Chunky
  • Big thanks to…

  • Palisade Records
  • Ignite Records
  • Hassle Records
  • Stephen Lynch
  • Sphinxter

  • SPACE RITUAL live at the Glasgow o2 ABC


      Don’t miss this chance to watch the legendary Space Ritual. Featuring Nik Turner, Mick Slattery, Terry Ollis and more of the magical band of brothers and sisters. Captain SIB were lucky enough back in 2010 to capture one their many performances as they opened for the wonderful Gong.

    This indeed is a moment majestically etched into the book of time and captured in moving picture format for generations to come. In High Quality and in full length, si back, grab a cuppa and watch the closet thing you can get know to the original Hawkwind lineup. Enjoy the mighty Space Ritual.

    SPACE RITUAL LIVE AT ABC 09/09/2010 Filmed By Captain SIB.

  • Also check out The Nick Turner Interview here on
  • You can also hear Space Ritual on many of our Psychedelic Freakouts
  • Pick up “Otherworld” from most online musical retailers.
  • Chapter 4 – Don’t be afraid, its only hemp…

    Welcome one and all to chapter 4 of the Psychedelic Freakout.

    The twisted voices of old Doobs mind are indeed taking him to the verge of sanity. This weeks discussions include, Slobodan Miloševic, a great toilet experience, jam, granny stuffing and many more confusing issues.



    The music this week is indeed of usual Captain SIB standards, some old SIB favourites and a couple of new acts to the freakout, Brendan Benson, from the band The Raconteurs with Jack White and from Burbank CA, the awesome Keven Brennan, big thanks to Tim Jones at Stone Premonitions for sending this cd up.

    Freaking out in chapter 4 will be….

  • Magic Mushroom Band Don’t be Afraid
  • Krankschaft Lord of the Hornets
  • Wavephonic I’ll Find You
  • The Chiselers The Reason
  • Keven Brennan Secret Between Us
  • Ohead Red Skies
  • Akahum Hempi
  • Darxtar Dark Daze
  • Brendan Benson Tiny Spark
  • Note : Check out Akahum at the Eden Festival in Scotland 10th – 12th June 2011

    Brendan Benson’s “Tiny Spark” is from his album Lapalco, The original album from 2002 has been remastered and is available on vinyl for the first time through Brendan’s store

    Big thanks to…

  • Stereo Records
  • Nasoni Records

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